Need to design a custom circuit board? Circuitry, Schematic, PCB Layout, 3D Modeling, Manufacturing, Procurement, and much more!

Firmware/ Software

Need help writing the code? C, Arduino, Web Based, Mobile (iOS Swift), etc...


Need a prototype built and tested?


Hello, my name is Kevin Darrah and I want to help you with your product idea, artistic vision, get you “un-stuck”, or anything else that might be electronics related. I’ve been working with electronics as long as I can remember and many of you might know me from my YouTube channel where I not only talk about electronics and coding, but also break it all down in an easy to follow manner so you too can build the wild and crazy projects featured on the channel. I’ve also got many years of professional experience working as an Engineer in product development, but also have access to extensive resources, so I’m sure that whatever your endeavor might be, we’ll have the right talent for the job. Let’s get in touch!

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